No Meatballs: the Art of Proper Pruning.


Pruning shrubs and ornamental trees can be the most puzzling garden task– not just for new gardeners– but alarmingly, for a good number of lawn care workers. Many can’t identify a branch collar from a twig gall. 

Shrubs and ornamental trees devoid of their natural form inhabit every suburban street, sheared into green meatballs or lollipops on sticks. An electric shears is time-efficient. It can mutilate a shrub in seconds. The price may be right for your wallet but you pay for it with misshapen plantings.

After seeing our clients' low-care plants pruned incorrectly time and again, ruining their natural shape, we decided to offer a specialty pruning and weeding service.

Years of horticultural education and one-on-one training goes into creating a truly gifted pruner. Making the right cuts encourages new growth of flowers and fruit, removes dead or diseased limbs and keeps shrubs looking natural. Yes, it costs more to hand-prune because it takes more time.

Late winter is the best time to do major pruning, right before the plants leaf out. Then, checkups and monitoring through the seasons keep plants happy, healthy and looking their best.

Little green meatballs, all in a row.

Little green meatballs, all in a row.