Why Hire a Landscape Designer?

By rebecca thierman

  • You get a fresh perspective. Your garden designer is a trained professional who works with you to create your dream landscape, tailored to the way you use your property, whether you want a backyard ball field or a comfy entertainment space.

  • At The Lazy Gardener, we have trusted resources, like stone masons and carpenters, and know where to source products that are not available to the average homeowner.

  • A landscape designer can visualize the whole picture. Sometimes you want to redo your entire property, but either for financial, time, or future construction work, it’s just not feasible. A landscape designer works with you to ensure that your property becomes a cohesive masterpiece on your implementation time frame. This will save you time and money in the long run by not having to redo areas that weren’t completely thought out.

  • Not only will you get a beautiful garden by hiring a garden designer, but you’ll also get a harmonious garden. Landscape professionals perform a site and usage analysis, know which plants grow well together and what needs they have (soil, sun/shade, water and maintenance). Designing a garden with this knowledge will save you time and money by selecting the right plants for your location so that they will thrive with minimal care, The Lazy Gardener way!

  • Hiring a landscape designer makes your life much easier. Hiring a professional means we do all the work for you! We take care of all the details, working with you on the design, coordinating the building and installation, and addressing any problems that may arise. Your designer is your project manager. We handle all the necessary details that come with building your dream landscape.

  • Lastly, hiring a landscape designer can boost your property value. A professionally designed landscape will not only make you the prettiest house on the block, but has been shown to increase the sale value of your house anywhere from 10-28%