Inviting Front Yard for the Library

For their centennial project, the Garden Club of Larchmont wanted to refresh the front gardens and walkways for the Larchmont Library. The garden hedges had become overgrown, obscuring the building. The brick pathways encouraged visitors to take a shortcut through the grass areas, creating a muddy, worn path through the turf.
We created new, curved paths that echo the curved portico of the building. We removed the ugly book bins and recreated the graceful, curved brick stairs. The book depository is now through a slot in the front facade.
Easy care evergreens and grasses replaced the old, leggy shrubs. A whimsical chess table and benches donated by the community make the front yard an inviting gathering place.

AFTER - year three


Ryder's family wanted to do something for the community in memory of their child. He loved books, trucks and the color orange. The flowers, shrubs and furnishings all have some orange component. Now it is a peaceful spot to read a book or to plant seeds and watch them grow, as well as other programs the children's librarians create.


Ryder's children's Garden After

Before Ryder's Garden