Remodeled Queen Anne

A classic Victorian beauty fell into disrepair but new owners gutted the home while preserving and paying homage to this classic architectural style. 


A Tudor’s Stately Grounds

Backyard slate patio and fieldstone wall, Front yard gardens, refurbished and extended front yard wall. 750 tulips and daffodils put on a colorful show in early spring. Private residence, Larchmont, NY.


Salt-Tolerant Plants for a Seaside Mansion

More frequent coastal flooding demands plants that can tolerate sea water and salty sea air. The entire landscape of this property was devastated by seawater flooding. We brought in new topsoil and re-planted with plants and shrubs at home by the sea. Turf-type tall fescue sod replaces the more traditional (and less salt tolerant) Kentucky bluegrass.


modern pool transformation 

We transformed a barren landscape littered with rocks and a simple concrete slab into a modern backyard dreamscape.  A sleek pool and patio edged with bluestone pavers creates a serene haven from the rest of the world. 

The family now has a wonderful oasis to enjoy: an amazing outdoor kitchen with retractable TV, tidy raised beds for growing food and a fire pit for family and friends to gather on a cool evening.  


A Colorful Tradition

This homeowner wanted “lots of color”. We placed the few rhododendrons and azaleas worth saving at the back of the border, reshaping the garden beds to allow room for colorful coral bells, hellebores and astilbes. Every season has a different perennial blooming. The coral bells and yellow threadleaf cypress’ foliage stays vibrant, even when nothing else is blooming. This is the first year of the planting.


Inviting Front Yard for the Library

For their centennial project, the Garden Club of Larchmont wanted to refresh the front gardens and walkways for the Larchmont Library. The garden hedges had become overgrown, obscuring the building. The brick pathways encouraged visitors to take a shortcut through the grass areas, creating a muddy, worn path through the turf.
We created new, curved paths that echo the curved portico of the building. We removed the ugly book bins and recreated the graceful, curved brick stairs. The book depository is now through a slot in the front facade.

Easy care evergreens and grasses replaced the old, leggy shrubs. A whimsical chess table and benches donated by the community make the front yard an inviting gathering place.


A Brick and Boxwood Wall

While privet hedges provide privacy, they can also get out of control over the years. We opened up the front again, bringing in light for a perennial flower garden. Brick and stone posts echo the house. Miniature boxwoods fill in between, to create a living garden "wall". We opened the front entry, removing part of the existing wrought iron railing, adding another set of larger brick posts to complement the grand entrance. Large trees in the side yard of this corner property give the dining patio more privacy.


Toasty Fire Pit and Deer-Resistant Plants

Mature hollies screen out the neighbors, gardens tucked into rock outcrops, a side yard mosaic bluestone path and a fire pit and patio matched to an existing patio. Private residence, Rye, NY


New Construction Goes Native

Native plants love this sunny hillside of this newly renovated home. We regraded the front, created a natural stone walkway, seeded a new lawn, and created a natural stone wall at the base of the hill, tucking plants among the rocks. Pictures are from the fall planting and the following spring. Private residence, New Rochelle, NY.


Instant Lawn and Easy Care Garden

This property was littered with construction debris and packed dirt. We regraded, adding organic compost, created new beds in front and back. The front beds are low to show off the magnificent porch details. Gravel driveway with Belgian block edging and apron. Year one of a multi-year project. Private residence, Larchmont, Westchester NY


Private Pond

Cottage garden, stone steps and patio, pond with 3 tiered waterfall, arbor and container plantings. Private residence, Mamaroneck, NY


Suburban Farmhouse

A rambling ranch needed some color in the front, adding new perennials and editing existing mature plantings.


Xeriscape Garden

A curbside rock garden has to tolerate snow and salt as well as heat, drought and poor soil. These plants fit the bill. These images were taken right after planting. It should grow together beautifully.